Putting human empathy into digital communication

Emails, text messages, Twitter, Facebook… “Personal communication” can easily become too impersonal.

It’s too easy for many of us to forget, in the moment, that every time we send an email, we’re communicating with a real human being – a colleague, boss, employee, customer, customer service representative or partner.

We’re creating a suite of software applications to re-humanize personal and professional communication and help with improving the effectiveness of email and digital communication.

FanMail – scans your inbound emails and tells you which of your customers are delighted with you and which of them hate your guts.

Sleep On It is a project aimed at improving our electronic communication habits by creating an app that can catch us out when we send angry emails. It is a sentiment analysis tool for Gmail, to help give you a breather before firing off that email. So that you can be more constructive with your communication (and avoid landing in trouble).

Trollblock – for Social Media – To make our social media experiences a bit more pleasant, filter out the trolls!