Our vision

Our vision for the future is a world where companies actually listen to their customers instead of giving copy-paste, generic, soulless and barren replies to customer queries. We’d like every company to behave like Zappos and make their CS replies quirky and fun.

We’d also like a world where office politics doesn’t exist. People think very carefully about what they write because written word is so indelible and easy to misinterpret. People keep email positive and concise and save high stakes topics for face to face/over the phone where it’s easier to gauge another person’s reactions.

Moreover, we’d like a world where people follow the platinum rule and treat others as they’d like to be treated. If I’m a super detailed guy, I’d love it if you could send me lots of detail to answer all of our queries. If I’m busy and outcome focused, I’d rather you just get it over and done with and not overload our brain with tons of useless info.

The team
Vincent Chun

Vincent is fascinated by ideas that can change the world and finding innovative ways to bring them to fruition through marketing, creativity and learning. He sees the potential for technology to augment our natural human interaction, rather than distorting it.
Jeremy Nagel
Jeremy is a web developer and quantified self nut. He’s fascinated by natural language processing and wonders whether it’s possible to write an algorithm to detect sarcasm.

Contact him at jeremy@empath.email