Automatically calculating Net Promoter Score

 Net Promoter Score (NPS) may have its disadvantages but it’s nonetheless the de facto standard for measuring customer satisfaction. Collecting the data typically involves a survey. According to CustomerGauge, one can expect a 10-60% response rate to an NPS survey. 60% isn’t bad at all but I wonder how often the surveys were sent out? Survey fatigue is a very real problem. I can’t find stats on it but I’d speculate that NPS survey response rates would be significantly lower if customers were asked to give feedback after every interaction.
As a tacit example, Zoho Support allows customers to provide a “customer happiness” rating at the bottom of every support ticket email.
customer happiness
It’s super easy to provide a response – you just have to click an image at the bottom of the email. Yet most customers don’t respond. One of my clients has been using Zoho Support for 18 months and averages a 1% response rate to the customer happiness rating.
Furthermore, the responses that do come in are polarised. You get the hyper positive replies and the irate replies but nothing in between. Most of your customers will not be furious/in love with you – they’ll be somewhere in the middle. What side of the middle though? Would they rate you 4/10 or 6/10? Depending on what side of the median your customers are, your business is either doing ok or floundering. How would you know though when you’re only getting raving testimonials or aggressive complaints?
The goal of Empath is to provide more data. By automatically measuring customer sentiment, you’ll get greater insights into how your customers feel about you.