FanMail – inbox scanner

Customer Satisfaction,
Without the Surveys.

Ever wanted to know whether your customers are happy or not? If you’re using a support ticketing system, you probably have the ability to send out surveys to customers after a ticket is closed. But how many customers actually fill it out? If you’re like most companies, you probably get less than 1% response rate.

What if you could get customer satisfaction data in real time, from 100% of your customers? And what if you could then act on that data immediately? With FanMail for GMail, you can. It scans every email sent to your account and determines the ‘sentiment’ – how happy or upset the sender is. It then puts that data into a spreadsheet so you can easily analyse the results and see which of your customers is the most happy and unhappy.

Get FanMail now
(This will copy a Google Docs spreadsheet to your Google Drive – make sure you’re logged in to your Google Account)

fanmail screenshot
FanMail will also label your emails so you can filter accordingly (e.g. if you want to prioritise angry emails, you can click on that label in Gmail).


Frequently asked questions

  1. How do I get FanMail for GMail?
    Log in to your Google Account online then open this link to grant permissions to the app. A Google Drive spreadsheet called “FanMail Stats” will then be set up in your Google Drive account.
  2. Why does FanMail need access to my Google Drive account and my email?
    Those permissions are needed in order to process your email and save the results to the Google Drive spreadsheet.
  3. Do I need a Gmail/Google Apps account to use FanMail?
    At this stage, yes. We are considering other versions of the software for Outlook/Office 365/Zendesk etc. based on customer demand. Send us an email and we’ll let you know whether it’s feasible.
  4. Is FanMail for you?
    FanMail is useful if you have a customer service team and want to determine the success of their efforts. It provides no-BS metrics on whether your customers are happy or not. Sales teams can also benefit from knowing which of their prospects are most interested (and might also want to use our passive DISC profiling tool). If you’re a quantified self geek, you might find it fun to install FanMail on your personal gmail account and look at which of your friends is most negative/positive.
  5. Is my email data confidential?
    FanMail runs locally in Google Drive via Google App Script. Your data is not transmitted to any external servers. We can provide access to the source code if you need to verify this.
  6. What do the D/I/S/C columns refer to?
    As well as measuring sentiment, FanMail tries to figure out the DISC profile of the sender based on their tone and word use. Knowing the DISC profile can help you decide how to communicate with the customer/prospect.
  7. Can I exclude newsletters etc. from the analysis so I just see scores for the people I care about?
    Absolutely – just go to the FanMail settings tab in the FanMail stats spreadsheet and you can specify individual senders you want to ignore or use a regular expression to block out a pattern of email addresses. (Ask us if you need help with this). By default, FanMail blocks out quite a few newsletter/notification addresses you probably won’t care about.